When a person gets uncomfortable, he/she tries to come out of that state and if he/she fails, then fear creeps in. Horror movies work on this principle; Get Out gets you in that state but defines horror in a totally different manner. This is the first directorial venture of Jordan Peele. No doubt the humour in this Horror movie does wonder thanks to Jordan’s writing style.

The plot tends to open the relationship of an inter-racial couple and you expect racism to be served as a starter, name calling as the main course and throwing out to be the dessert for this film, but no you are in for a liberal treat here. The black guy is treated like a princess in a castle but little does he know there are witches behind those masks.

What doesn’t seem surprising to this inter-racial relationship is how comfortably the audience accepts them and places them in castles. Hoping their story to be a fairy tale, but as the story moves ahead you realise the white girl’s white parents have a twisted agenda. What works brilliantly is that the mask doesn’t fall too soon but when it does it puts an impression on you, a terrifying one of course.

Get Out plays with the belief system that is engraved in a lot of us. The people of different colour being prejudiced (people who lost a lot and are still facing a lot of issues), hence put them in a different box and serve them a liberal tomfoolery. The antagonist is the mindset which creates a difference the moment you see a person of different race /colour in front of you and creating horror out of that premise is a work of Genius.

The story unfolds into a nightmare when the protagonist (our black dude, Daniel Kaluuya) figures out something odd with the black people around his girl’s parents. The black friend they have seems a bit too unfriendly for some reason. The moment our guy discovers about hypnotism and brain transplants on black people he saw, he realizes his wannabe in-laws are monsters in human skin. He later realises that black people were the latest “fad” for this gruesome experiment and his girl is a co-conspirator for this ‘experiment’. He was the lab rat she was that abusive scientist in the relationship.

Jordan Peele knew the art of putting humour in tense situations but the way he played with humour in this horror plot makes him one of the most talented filmmakers to look out for in the coming time. Also, the white girl’s character, played by Allison Williams surprised me to the core. You may think about the white parents and their relatives going wild and doing all the macabre stuff but the moment you realise that this girl is a part of this Machiavellian conspiracy, then all you think of how our dude can run away from this mad family. And when finally he does, you sigh and reflect on the psyche of those rogue & barbaric characters of this film.