As the cinema has evolved over time, so has the genre of horror. With strong writing and screenplays, horror movies have garnered praise and are no longer considered B-grade cinema. Let us some of the best picks of this decade so far.

It Follows:  The stalker is unknown in this film; this independent movie was widely acclaimed for its portrayal of a girl who feels stalked until she realises that her casual sexual encounter would cause so much trouble for her. See it for a chilling experience.

Let Me In: This American remake of “Let the right one in” does a perfect job of putting adolescent love and the danger of being with someone totally different from your species together in one plate. If you love movies which have a sense of eeriness and cold environments this is the right one.

We Are What We Are: A family of cannibals, which portrays a perfectly normal group of individuals to the world. The story does create ripples of terror when they see food in the forms of humans.

Unfriended: This 21st-century movie of slangs and wordplay does play with communication on social media as a way to form foes and friends. What happens when you cross that line on social media? Do check it out for its realistic approach.

Shutter Island: When you have people like Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie revolving around a mental asylum and people coming back from the dead, the thrill takes a thousand step leaps and the horror amplifies on its own.

The Conjuring: Ed & Warren Lorraine’s work on big screen is brought with a nicely written screenplay and brilliantly shot film. What follows is a series of films namely Annabelle & The conjuring 2 to add to your taste.

The Babadook: A children’s book monster comes alive in the most profound and intimidating manner which sweeps you across your senses, the movie is a classic genre film and will be seen as one of the greats in the coming years.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: This comedy horror makes you laugh but doesn’t disappoint on the romance part either. The college kids might have judged the two laidback dudes wrongly but they aren’t aware of the slashers around. Apart from comedy, there is blood too.

Some of the other horror movies: The Cabin in the Woods, You’re Next, Crimson Peek, Green Room, Cloverfield Lane, Demon, The Witch, Under the Shadow, Paranormal Activity, Goodnight Mommy, Fright Night, The Shallows.

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