Horror genre movies have finely layered characters. Even though there are victims and protagonist but the antagonist is the hero of the plot. We all have seen those characters which have the most inhuman traits and still attract our attention throughout the film. I chose 5 of these characters:

Kayako Saeki:  The Grudge series (Ju-on series) is as popular in the North American region as it is in Japanese. Kayako’s character has two versions, the US and the Japanese. I would stick to the Japanese because that is what makes this character more horrifying. Classified as a vengeful ghost (Onryō), she was killed by her husband in presence of her child, it was a hate crime. She had a lost childhood, neglected by parents and lack of a strong support system made her socially recluse. It was her love for another man, which caused her murder. She was paralysed, stabbed multiple times, and thrown in the attic, that’s why she appears to be moving in a crawling fashion, twisting her neck, covered in blood, and moaning in pain at times.

Damien Thorn:  The son of the devil makes sure that evil prevails in all forms and at all places. The Omen movie series has a sinister tale of the demon, the Antichrist which flourishes at the cost of killing the people around him. The 666 sign and the eyes which stare through a person’s soul makes him one of the most fearing and promising antagonist of a horror movie. Born to a Jackal, he was supported by the Satanists around him. He conspired to become powerful in order spread evil agendas and fear amongst the people of earth.

Jigsaw: John Cramer finds pleasure in pain; he derives utmost satisfaction by using people as pawns in a game/ puzzle. He tests there character by playing games which may or may not lead to death. He suffers from a terminal illness but he makes others suffer as much as him. His intention is not to kill but testing the victims on their will to survive. He wants to teach a lesson and he never fails.

Norman Bates: Alfred Hitchcock knew the art of thrilling and drawing his audiences into terror. He did so with his movie Pyscho, where he creates a monster through the character of Norman Bates. The creepiness in the incestuous thoughts and the creation of another identity makes it an engaging yet a scary piece of art. Norman is totally dependent on his mother and their relationship is not like any other mother-son duo. She controls him and makes him believe in a world which is full of monsters. Norman develops a personality so much like his mother’s but at the same time he has a dark side & it comes out the first time when he kills his mother and her lover. The dissociative Identity disorder makes him take his mother’s demeanour and that makes his character even more mysterious and dangerous.

Freddy Krueger: After being killed by a mob of angry parents, this child killer set himself free and became invincible with his haunting appearance. He started killing children in their dreams with his glove of razors. His mother was raped by a bunch of lunatics in an asylum. His childhood was a rough one; he grew up to be an abuser and killed children for pleasure. He is most powerful in dreams and can kill you while you are sleep, have a safe sleep!